Friday, September 12, 2008

For you kidd!

This one goes out to Miss Maya Elizabeth Matthews!

She's the only person i knows that does everything she says she does.
For example. "I google everything!" And when she said that i was like too.
But no nigga! She REALLY googles everything...IN REAL LIFE!! Got a question?
Or having a conversation in Spanish through text? She'll google it too.

I love the fact that she understands how much i rock!
And since i rock she rolls.
Im Mary Janes so of course she's Lois Lane!
I've had my share of good friends but this one is the best!
We both have go by that saying "Things happen for a reason."And clearly she's here in my life for a reason!

It seems like we got so cool in like 10 minutes. Everytime we would share a 100 message conversation we would get closer with every super hero reference.

And even now! When we're goin through some hard times with our male companions. She's ALWAYS been there to give me a shoulder to cry on.....and i've always been there to put make up on here shirt.
Sounds like a fair trade huh? haha...

Awww Waldo is dead...moment of silence...

In real life i don't have time to be laughing at you all day.
And everytime she says im taking new applications for friends i laugh..maybe because these random comments about new friends are popesterious. Because who else do you know can can rip an old school rap (with me as the hype man) and still have on some fresh as chucks or Supras?? Nobody nigga!! She's specaial

"Please submit all questions in writing!!"
"Why they asses still dancing??"
"Im J-j-j-jealous!:
"I just want you to know that once you finish this blog our friend ship will be over"
"Im stuck in my power cord!"
"Fake Bro"
"because of this FUCKERY our friendship is over!
"yeah i through your fuckery our the window."

That's my bestest!! And she excepts me for all my pointless interjecttions, my mindless rants about band kidds, and my aimless wandering through the music building.

Hearts too you kidd!


Ms. XO said...

lmao! i just read it. its even funnier the second and third time.