Monday, September 8, 2008


Okay sooo the other night i was over my good friends house. Yes...good friend. With my great friend Maya. And my good friend (who was dead tired so we're gonna excuse him) started singing along to a song on his play list...that song Need you bad by Jasmine Sullivan. But it was sooo lifeless! And yet this song has so much meaning and emotion..just listening to the way she sings the song..lets you know how bad she really needs him in her life! I mean think about bad do we all really need a heart beat. And to compare that to how much you need someones love? Well then maybe she really does need bad do we all need to breath?? In real life when need to breath a hell of a lot. But as i listened to Ms Sullivan rip on itunes i was listening to the contrast of my good friends lifeless and tired voice singing in a monotonous tone in the background...the contrast intrigued me to write this blog. It made me wonder if I'll ever need somebody as bad as a heartbeat or the air i breath...and if i do where will i find them or will they find me. Being the independent thinker and person i answers is Heavens no. Who needs that stress of relying on somebody else for my heart to beat. But who knows what the future holds and what may fall in to my lap knocking of my feet and keeping me in the air just to float gently back in his arms. One of my sisters said the other day "The brain and the heart are funny organs." And in real life kidds that's true. Sooo good friend thanks for provoking my thoughts like you always, always do. Even when your dead tired and singing in a monotonous voice into your pillow.

Need you bad as the air i breath...♥
Lott Roxx


Ms. XO said...

kudos kidd. its crazy ta think that we could ever need somebodyelse that bad...heavens no! but never say never right. maybe he thought the pillow was you?...