Friday, September 19, 2008

Its over bish!

Soooo lets recap guys!!
Yesterday was a efffin awesome classes because of convocation.
It was long as hell (no pun) but it was better then going classes.
And Lloydy gave us a ride! Yeah he's my favorite.
KFC wasn't as effine awesome.
Me and Front clearly had some tension between each other soooo of course we were snapping on each other. BUT I must say that Frankfurt might just be the bigger person out of the two of us because i was about to say forget it...(i know bad..but don't judge) i heart that kidd just cuz she's my front...yayy!!
Ma-ma-ma-maya! Is dumb but she is def the best roommate ever... (ow ow) hahahahah
I'm pretty sure that i can rely on her for anything and everything and then some after that but i think only if i keep making her bed.
I'm pretty sure that this is gonna end up as This That and the Other sooo bare with me folks.
I'm looking for closure and i found some ha!
yeah lets call that closure.
I soooo excited about my career!
I def got a taste of it the other day. Studio recording is makes my heart happy.
And getting paid for it makes it glow.
AND travel to play weddings (like my daddy does) well that's effin amazing.
Yayyy I'm really excited if you didn't notice..
That little statement everything happens for a reason?
Yeah its true i woulda been HELLA distracted but now I'm all focused.
So thank you kidd. You might know whats might not but thanks anyway.
Yeah i think it is..but I'm actually okay with it. Did i learn anything?????
Yeah i learned some stuff..can i apply it??? Yeah kidd.
I think my entertainment has a some potential..Coach is back.
And another thing...i heart you DORI T!!!!!!!


Ms. XO said...

i mean i guess you addressed you EVERYRHING! lol
na but really kiddo that was dope. honest and entertaining, good work.