Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This that and the Other...

Right now I'm feeling...idk. So many things are going on at once..and I've heard of this new method that i call This That and the Other. But has been called Ready Set Go. And Point Blank Period.

Its when i just go with random thoughts that pop into my head.
Soo here goes...

I like you way to much...its clouding my mind and i worry about what the future holds when i know shouldn't.

I had Sun Chips today and a roast beef sandwich but i don't like Roast beef.

Maya is talking to me and i heart her.

I hate how randomly you pop up in my head for no real reason..

I've had a couple of offers lately but i don't feel compelled to respond to them. Is that rude?

I get irritated when guys assume that me and them are talking when clearly i don't give them enough of my time for them to even consider such a thing.

Oooh baby i like it raw!!!

I miss my sister..

I made a new friend and he's a friend of my great friend and he's starting to grow on me.

Some random ass guy told me he wanted to give me the business yesterday..yuck.

I heart band kidds. ♥ and i heart calling the band kidds "band kidds" even if they don't like it.

I get slightly depressed when it rains and i tend to wear black.

I think that if i hadn't met Maya then my life wouldn't be complete!

And if i hadn't joined SAI my love, my life and the loves of my live wouldn't be like they are and WHO they are now.

Go Frank Frank that's my Frank Frank!

Okay sooo this is getting long....

But i think my point has been made..

Thanks Dori T. and Mizz Maya