Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let me introduce myself..

I'm thinking that every time i say that word its all when i said it today...all i could think to myself was "All bad bruh!!" I feel like at the end of the day I'm gonna have that mind set of being by myself. And its not always about companionship....but about knowing that some one understands you. And who doesn't want someone that will understand them and even if they don't they'll make the effort to understand. I mean a million guys could approach me and i don't know if i would give them my time just because of the work I'd have to put in it. I think having entertainment is the best word to call this. Today my friend said "I give up." At first i was like nah you can't do that! But when i thought about it and she explain how she was feeling it was slick like looking into a mirror. Have someone being able to manipulate how your day turns out just by a simple text or gesture that you remember that they have or some kind of significance in they're life. And when they don't acknowledge you..well its one of those feelings you can't honestly explain...only in tears or rage. When i tell you.."you know your important to me right" does that mean much at all? That in real life you would make me happy it could rain everyday and i would still smile because my mind set was shared with you. Haha...but i laugh at the thought of that now. My name is Leandria Tia Lott. There's no one else like me. Remember that kidd.