Friday, September 26, 2008

Ass 1, Ass 2, Ass 3

I love my friends.
You can't replace mine.
Sometimes they go away to Atlanta with their male companions who calls each one of her friends when she doesn't answer the phone.
And other times they go to class...and it makes me sad.
But then we have late nights and early mornings.
Almost getting caught on the wrong floor and forming bands.
Praising God and eating noodles.
Cracker Mush and sleeping upside down.
Making up songs that don't have a particular beat, key or theme but always end in laughter
Taking 30 pictures to get only 1 that has all of us in them..
Boot leg face?
Yeah we have 3 singles.
Separately we're amazing.
But together...maan we're effin amazing.
Don't judge us cuz we might hurt your feelings with our awesomeness.
Is you straight bro?
Hell yeah I'm straight.

Toe puppets?
No really its new.
Dori has a temper every now and then.
Maya cries when pillows fall on the floor.
And Frankie hasn't been doing anything productive for about an hour.

"I can't even fit so that means you guys don't love me."
"Im gonna give myself another concussion!"
"Lets play peek a boo with Marvin"
17 magazines is only annoying when Maya reads it aloud.
Its too hot for this shit. But Frankie is finally on the bed..wait she's having trouble..
Okay now she's...wait...okay its not working...WAIT SHE GOT IT!!!
Zzzzzz I'm bout to vibrate on these ho's!
That single number 4 ho's
Picture my head...on wheels.
You raping my feet!!!
Ice box where my feet use to be!
Okay that's 5!!

Pause! i just looked to my right and Dorian's FOOT was in my face.
No bueno.

♥ Ladies!

Coach Roxx

PS she has Cankles!!!!