Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 Strand Twist & Tut.

I'm gonna try this. My dear Rachel Beau turned me on to this youtube channel. shes great for natural hair styles.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad Breath Test - How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks

If you haven't heard..

There is talent in Nashville, TN. I was recently apart of the NEXT IN LINE showcase, playing the violin with group of other string players. Now being apart of that talent is one thing, but witnessing it is another. Curtis Fields might be my new local talent favorite(besides Tish). These are the two songs he performed at the showcase. Dream World and Black Cherry.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Desher Adventures

Yesterday my good friend Desher(Dexter) went to our secret place. which is a not so secret place in the park. but he got the bright idea to talk to random people and get take pictures of them with my camera Lucy.
HE told them that we were interns at the Huntsville Times, i was a photography major (clearly I'm a music major) and that he was a journalism major(not true either folks). We stopped about 8 groups of people at the park and another group at Bridge Street telling them that we were doing a montage of photos and we were trying to catch real people doing real things.

Now...all of this was a lie. But it made the night all the more interesting. I got some really good pics and it refreshed my memory of why i want to get a masters in photography.

Any who I'm going to post those pics soon just so you guys can partake in my evening.

This is just one night of many. I'm thinking this might be a new segment on my blog.
I need a name for it so give me some suggestions!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good one.

Another one of my favorites by Melissa Polinar. its called try.

Ear sex

I love this song people. Its Called Meant to Be.
The one playing guitar is Melissa Polinar and the other one is the girl in Phineas and Ferb that wears all the black.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i wish somebody on blogger would make up their mind about what their gonna do on bloggr. lol im mean geez if another template changes or style change or blog host cite change im gonna scream. lol

but i'm not pointing fingers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have my List!!

Its a short one.

1.macbook and maybe an unlocked iphone.
computer first though. if you don't already know I'm in desperate need of a new laptop. mine is..well rather sad. it has keys missing, shuts down if you move it to much and literally hanging on by its last hinge.

2. money.
I'm going to London this summer and i need to save up some cash to help pay for it and to have a bit of spending money for the trip. i also might be going to NY for this program I'm apart and will be assisting to run next semester. i say might be because i haven't gotten any kind of details.

but anyway. money and a computer.

With love...

one reason why i smile.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


that's not the Lauren Hill we all know and love. i feel like she had little to none to do with the production of THAT song. and i'm so sincere. its like how they do biggie or tupac. putting they're already recorded voices on a track. but this one doesn't fit her words and how she's singing or even the content of the words.

its all about money in my opinion and who ever has access to her vault has no respect for her or her music.

i give it a D.

i was just thinking and..

i think the reason why i'm not where i want to be, is because i can get shy...or something. i let people intimidate me in certain situations when it they shouldn't. i'm most comfortable when i'm around people i can be myself around. but when i'm not well. i'm not sure why but i clam up, get nervous, and get shy. its not attractive. im a personable person. but when it comes to being put out in the forefront i get nervous. being a leader something i've been told i'm good at. but just getting there is a challenge.

anywho. i think im done whining about myself. im gonna work towards fixing this about myself this summer.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


my sis (blood sis) is really being an inspiration to me. lol i mean really. Harvard bound. white water rafting and canoing every weekend. some other cool stuff. she's an evil canevil in the making i tell you.

i think im gonna try and be like her when i grow up. but i mean like me. make sense?
more traveling. when i venture outside of the stifling hbcu im going to expand my "thrill seeking" horizon.

but seriously soon im gonna get my scuba diving licence this summer.
i'm gonna make my summer list soon.

ooooooh speaking of summer. this is about to be a great one.