Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The unthinkable happened today! My life broke. From the neck. Yes from the see when i say my life i mean my violin. My violin is my life and this obsession goes hand and hand with music. My love. My love and my life have been temporarily separated. Cut down the middle like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And as i mourned the loss of my life little lights shown all around me. Tiny sparkles that hugged and comforted me, wiping my tears and singing silly songs to bring the sun back to my face. Telling me that what ever happened it would be okay. But the silent trickle of tears kept coming. UNTIL this bright ass light came with this bewildered look wondering...what's wrong...this look of real...idk the word but it was all in its eyes. Still sitting there staring into space feeling lighter from the sparkles that continuously glittered around me...but nothing quite did it..but this bright ass light edges its way next to me. The rest going off to the side making room. It gives me a hug, wipes my tears and tells a wack joke, knowing I would laugh..great job bright ass light. The sun is back again if not just for now its back. Making my hour...maybe two or three. But then it happened these two "fire crackers" the loves of my life who consequently make anything and everything feel better even the untimely divorce of my love and my life. Jokes of guitar hero and earsplitting laughter made my day. Thanks loves..♥