Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sealed with a kiss.

Sooo yeah the other day i was over my good friends house just kickin it! And we started messing with each other. You know what i mean like "are you ticklish".."no"..."yeah you are!" yeah you know what i mean. Its all very harmless. Of course it was we're just friends! Who has the intentions of anything happening with one of your friends?? Not me! But then the unexpected happened..well it was kinda expected and happily welcomed..but it was slick awkward. You see me and this friend have history and when i say history i mean HISTORY with a timeline and cycles goin all through it! So when i he said "Landria are you ticklish?" in reality he knows I'm not! (haha i def am. )But why not mess with me?..why wouldn't i mess with him back. All harmless fun really...and in real life i had gone over there with my new mind set of friendship burned into my brain....but when he kissed me my old mind set crept slowly back in the front of my vision. Blinding me to the point of which i saw nothing else. And me being the type to keep my emotions very obvious he might have known before i told him...or maybe before he even kissed me. So the word awkward and weird weren't far from either of our lips..after they left each others. And even though all i really wanted to do was kiss him again i knew that in real life..what ever happens happens..going with the flow is whats gonna make it work...and if not our relationship was sealed with that last kiss.