Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another one of these...

This that and the other..

Im mad that the first thing that comes to mind when i write these is you..

Im not really mad im happy to think about you every now and then.

My room mate has this new obsession with my gutair

I miss frankie...

Choir upset me today.. Ms Poe really needs to understand that she is NOT Proff Mac.

I saw my favorite today!! Which slick made my day.

I have a new friend but I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep conversing with him.

I'm slick tired of being out of my element.

I need some SAI shirts..

Hott sex burnin candles!!!

I think that watching Pocahontas's while my germy roommate naps is what keeps me smiling.

My day was really good now that i look back on it. I looked cute Maya chose to wear the same color as me again(haha twin) i saw Lloydy twice!! And my favorite twice!! I think I'm easily pleased which makes me even happier...

I should be doing some research but I'm not..i have a meeting with my study group..

All bad...

I heart Maya and Front's blogs they made my life happy.

I want some SUSHI!!!!!!!!



Teacher Brenda said...

!Oh Baby! I have some sushi for you!!!!! jaaaaaaaaaaajajaja! miss u!

Anonymous said...

Hot sex burnin candles? I don't even wanna know shawty....

Lott Roxx said...

Lol Brenda!!!

And its a song Dori T!