Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey there!!

This That and the Other.

I'm really mad that when the band isn't here all my music classes stop.
I mean why can't the PAC go on without the millions of band kidds wandering around aimlessly. I still wanna learn!!

Why is it that once again i have you on the brain. Geez!! Get out of my head!!

I'm seriously considering becoming a one women show.

I have a wedding in Chicago...bad thing is i don't know when we're leaving or what music I'm play.
Its this random song that the groom wrote. And its a beautiful song but i haven't heard the words!! So how the HELL am i supposed to ad lib on a song that i don't know where the words go!!!

I heart Maya and Frankie. Good friends are the ones that will make you eat even if you don't want to. "You gonna eat these nuggets ho!"
Love you guys.

I went off on a tangent the other day. Eff band kidds and i don't support the band kidds were some of the things that came out of my mouth..sorry band kidds! I still heart Lloydy and my sisters though...and pop ups..that irritates the hell out of me. It makes me feel like my presence comes second to them. But of course I've been coming in last lately anyway so why should i complain about 2nd.

Maya can't blow her nose...haha

And she has on red Chucks!!...effin awesome dude.

Dori T!!!!



Anonymous said...

Yay for me!!!
I was random as hell too, but I like it like that. I really heart you Le!!! Everyday you get awesomer!