Monday, October 13, 2008

Soo im in love...

with my friends! No homo. But i love them ho's! I thought this summer was tough without my line sisters but then another ball of sunshine walked into my life bright as hell and 7 foot tall!Ha okay she's not that damn tall but i miss her and my two short ho's too!! And the sad part is...we've only be separated for all of 2 or 3 days! Lets get it together folks. We need to be able to cope for winter break. Or you could all just live with me!...(no down with Huntsville)

Okay maybe this will turn into a this that and the other....
Recent studies have shown that I Leandria Roxx is not a very affectionate person..
For instance I'll hold your hand I'll give you a hug we can even cuddle for a bit BUT don't get used to it. It gets boring after a while and i wanna see new pun people.

Ha Dori!! Are you a fan of Madagascar? Because the Madagascar 2 comes out November 7!!

I'm getting a new phone!!..once again m shad0w has failed me....and i have to get all my numbers again.

I love my best friend!! He told me howdy he's my best friend the cow one else has one of those!!

I hate it when ex's text me just to let me know that i played them..there's probably a reason why i played you either you tried me. or you did something to annoy me. And i probably don't care about your feelings anyway. And people lets get this straight i might me cute and friendly but if you try me I'm gonna be neither to you. You'll be exed and thinking about what couldn't have been because I'm not that type.

Hey! i digg consistency and just so NO ONE is confused on the definition of the word consistency here's the definition with an example (well look at God!)

steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern of behavior.
Makes a lot of sense huh?
BUT WAIT! The reason why i love Maya's best friend is because of his honesty/real-assness.
He said "Leandria you can't be the Coach and needy too."
I mean damn I've never been called needy so I've decided to be neither. I'm tired of casually dating because its not getting me any where. I mean i slick don't trust venom even if he's a walking damnit. Vandy is cute but there's no major connection and the guy with 20 names well he's got a couple of gold stars under his belt but its one of those stagnant romances..if you wanna call it that. Ha i see its time to play things by ear again.
I'm at home!!
I miss my twin!!
Front where are you??
Homework is calling my name..but its pronouncing it wrong...who is Leonadria??
♥ Ex Coach