Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have a new segment people!
I often speak in facebook status form.
Example "Leandria is writing a blog."
So i've decided that every now and then i will type a blog in status form.
And there you go.

Leandria is wishing she knew how to talk to you.
Leandria is wondering if this is at all important to you.
Leandria is trying to figure out why this means something to me.
Leandria is in Dorian's apartment eating noodles.
Leandria is interested in someone else but doesn't want to be.
Leandria thinks your a damnit adorable.
Leandria wants to kiss you..but don't tell anybody.
Leandria just digressed.
Leandria is wondering why its so hard to talk to you when it used to be so easy..
Leandria is might be out of questions till later..
Leandria is wondering why you have to look for "her".
Leandria is wondering why that was in your status.
Leandria is wondering if she was on her shit....
Leandria is also wondering if all this ish was bull because in real life LIFE the person means something to me. But this ish that's been pulled in real life isn't what i had in mind. im done...