Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple loves

"Its the simple things in life you treasure.."

Okay guys..this quote is def cliche` but relevant at this point in my life. My friends call me simple. Its because i am it doesn't take that much to please me. But as i was skimming through the Crayonz blog Gent was gun excited about a trip to Wal-mart, bed bath and beyond and idk target probably...if you don't know us you would wonder why. We could be kickin it in 608 or room B, chillin in the drunken hours of the night, and some of us waking up to the hang overs in the morning...but you can bet there's some kind of profound conversation going on or a new record being produced. (vibrate on that ho zzzz zzz zzzzzz)

You can judge us if you want to.....but we're still gonna be excited to go to Wal-mart.