Saturday, October 25, 2008


This week has been....stressful. I haven't had a good sleep in awhile..i haven't noticed him in awhile...well i have but its just i might be getting numb to the feelings i have/had for no more blogs about my ex male companion? Maybe not...I'm thinking that one day I'll be able move on, really move on..and be sincerely happy with who i am and what I'm doing with my life...because in real life, LIFE the person is idk..I'm starting not to care..

Moving on.

I'm getting tired of certain people in my life and they're gotdamn attitudes. I think you might've been exed sir.

This that and the other...

This weekend was cool. The party was nice. The turn out could have been better. I might change my major to photography...ha..
Ha no i might...
I'm pretty sure i don't like pool..i like you but I'm starting to change my mind..
I heart my friends...

"Frankie's dancing heals the world!"
"I wonder if i can febreeze my hair."
"Don't back space my shit ho!"
I'm might just start a new segment called Quotes...ha but not today.
Best friend makes me sad..i wish this would stop.

I've had this blogg open for a long time and i wanna say something but its not coming out. I like how when I'm thinking about a certain person now a days the other pops up, i just want to honestly not have anymore sad blogs anymore..i would love to be happy and not have this nigga randomly show up in a corner of my mind because in real life I'm so ready for that part of my life to be behind...ha maybe tomorrow


I'm running out of things to say.
And i don't feel resolved...I'll be back.

Pause gospel explosion first act no bueno. Think of dog whistles with different pitches sounding at the same time then picture a mans voice singing in a different key. A slaw drum player, a slick slaw keyboard player, and NO bass player. Couldn't say in there...

Okay I'm done for now...