Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some stuff.

Soo. I guess its time to write another blog.
This that and the other maybe?
And go....

I'm not feeling like myself for some reason....its like i do things and i look back...PAUSE Reggie is a damnit...and so is his laugh. and the grunt..lol okay..but i look back on past events and i can't remember what i was doing before i did those things..i honestly all this talk of swagg is making me question if i found mine..maybe it wasn't in your shoe box XOXO. Maybe it'll be at the party.

I effin went to Knockout Wings...and i saw the boy with 12 names...we had a date for this weekend but he's going out of town...an apology was given and a promise for a kick it session was made. I'm kinda concerned..withdrawal babes? I slick feel like that to. BUT VENOM!!! Ha idk if I'm really that concerned.

I'm about to turn into and Orchestra kidd....
i had orchestra tonight and it was effin great. I missed it.
And the music was amazing. Mozart is amazing..

Reggie can spell MISSISSIPPI!

SAI bake sale!!! Ha dori was held hostage by some Roses. Lmao..i hearts you Dori..

This party business is grimmey (grimmie?) n-words throwing flyer's in the dirt and taking minutes of they're already insignificant lives to take our flyer's and pile them in an elevator..i mean...is ya scared?

I miss frankie.....the crayonz haven't made a single in a long time...*sad face*

Im gonna be famous..

I think im done...but i'll be back.