Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Direction

Okay folks I feel as though music might not be my calling. Instead..I've been pulled in another
direction. NO its not even photography. Its Marine Biology..yes. Marine. Biology. Really just the Marine part. If you know me you know I enjoy the water. I've been swimming since I was three and I've been working at a pool since i was thirteen. I love water and water creatures. So here's my plan. PRAYER being the first step. The second step being to finish my degree in Music Performance and to ALSO get my scuba diving licence, while also talking to different people in the field to see if its something I really want to do. If its not then I'll be a musician and I'll even get it tatted on my forehead.

Wish me Luck bloggers.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old music.

The Average White Band. Anyone ever heard of them?? Well..i think the name says it all. They're one of the bands that's had a long run like Tower of Power or Earth Wind and Fire.(notice the order i put those to groups in). Anywho the lyrics are powerful as well. Take a listen.

Picture time!!

In lue of my upcoming London trip I decided that this weeks picture will be of the wonderful city. Enjoy.


Cosby Moment

Does anyone remember the episode of the Cosby Show when Claire and Cliff made up from a prior argument to this song and eating sliced fruit? No words. Just an instrumental. And fruit. That moment on television spoke volumes to me. Even though it was television the way the chords move on the piano or the sound of the sax just moved me. Even just the selection of this song was powerful to me. The writers really knew what they were doing.

lol really this song makes me feel sentimental. It reminds me of my Cosby like---minus the five kids. Moments like this makes the sad and angry times seem so much less important.

Anyway. Enjoy this song.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music Moment

Okay folks, if you know me, you know that I don't really listen to alot of the music now adays because the artists lack talent. (fame doesn't equal talent folks.) One artists who I do listen to, because of the quality of her voice is Jasmine Sullivan. This is her when she was just 11 singing "Home" from the Wiz.

she was REALLY singing people. seriously that child is doing things with her voice that most people that have vocal training will never be able to do. no voice altering studio. no lip syncing. no sex appeal. just pure talent. a GOD given gift. and all THAT at 11 years old. this is what music today is missing. T A L E N T


Friday, June 4, 2010

Remember when..?

Hello dears!! For those of you who DON'T know i want to get a Masters in Photography as well as Music Performance when i graduate from Undergrad. Sooo remember a while in January, when I spoke of a segment that I might start. If you don't, no worries! I was going to explain it anyway. It involved having a picture that I took or a picture that i like that I'll post it for your and my enjoyment..
But really..its just for my enjoyment. I'm not sure who all reads my blog, but I've come to realize that this little Internet journal is just that...a place where i can relay my thoughts. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that weren't spoken out loud that day. Or maybe the ones that are devoted specifically to remembering worth while chunks of the day. Regardless, this is my blog..and who ever you are thanks for partaking in my little world. *WAVES*

Okay okay now its time for the picture. ...:drumroll:...

I think that reverting to my most recent blog would suffice for now. Seriously that picture is so powerful to me. There's no real need for me to elaborate any further. but enjoy dears. I'll be back soon.

lol i kinda fooled you sorry.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

last blog of the day. =)

This picture speaks VOLUMES. Loving another through God.

Loving through God is the only way to Love.



Natural hair that is..
Blog world I've recently started becoming obsessed with natural hair. Seeing as how I've been natural my entire life and how natural hair seems to be the new hopefully lasting trend among black America.
Sooo I've been you tubing products, hair styles, and products that can be made at home.(like the cinnamon lightening treatment i talked about in my last blog)

Anywho i encourage all natural ladies to look up ways to keep our kinky curly or twisted tresses healthy.

See look how happy these black people are. lol Miss. Jessie's is crazy good.

I actually just purchased the Stretch Silkening Cream and i love what it did for my hair. however it did leave my hair feeling slightly dry so i advise using a leave in conditioner before you apply it. I use Cantu products. but i also swim everyday so my hair is proned to be drier then others.

the other is Jane Carter solutions. I'm going to use these products next. I've heard great reviews about this product be on the look out for reviews and pictures!!
One thing about both of these lines of products is that they are NOT by any means cheap. But i figure you pay more for nicer things and my hair is worth it.

Cinnamon Hair Lightner

I love her!! Even though her hair is waaaaay different form mine. I'm still getting good ideas for hair styles and hair products to use. This is something i just did to my hair. Tomorrow I'll try to post the pictures of the results.(before and after)

She also talked about a young women that used a combination of honey and cinnamon to lighten her hair. She got really great results as well. i might try that next.