Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Direction

Okay folks I feel as though music might not be my calling. Instead..I've been pulled in another
direction. NO its not even photography. Its Marine Biology..yes. Marine. Biology. Really just the Marine part. If you know me you know I enjoy the water. I've been swimming since I was three and I've been working at a pool since i was thirteen. I love water and water creatures. So here's my plan. PRAYER being the first step. The second step being to finish my degree in Music Performance and to ALSO get my scuba diving licence, while also talking to different people in the field to see if its something I really want to do. If its not then I'll be a musician and I'll even get it tatted on my forehead.

Wish me Luck bloggers.


Rachel B. said...

That sounds interesting! I've never heard of anything like that- well, that title anyways.. but GOOD BLESSINGS!

Lott Roxx said...

Lol yeah. I actually wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was in middle school. Basically your life is the water and you study sea creatures and things of that nature. But thanks hun!

Ms. XO said...

ill buy you some goggles!! red, with roses on 'em!
see, im supportive!