Thursday, June 3, 2010


Natural hair that is..
Blog world I've recently started becoming obsessed with natural hair. Seeing as how I've been natural my entire life and how natural hair seems to be the new hopefully lasting trend among black America.
Sooo I've been you tubing products, hair styles, and products that can be made at home.(like the cinnamon lightening treatment i talked about in my last blog)

Anywho i encourage all natural ladies to look up ways to keep our kinky curly or twisted tresses healthy.

See look how happy these black people are. lol Miss. Jessie's is crazy good.

I actually just purchased the Stretch Silkening Cream and i love what it did for my hair. however it did leave my hair feeling slightly dry so i advise using a leave in conditioner before you apply it. I use Cantu products. but i also swim everyday so my hair is proned to be drier then others.

the other is Jane Carter solutions. I'm going to use these products next. I've heard great reviews about this product be on the look out for reviews and pictures!!
One thing about both of these lines of products is that they are NOT by any means cheap. But i figure you pay more for nicer things and my hair is worth it.