Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cinnamon Hair Lightner

I love her!! Even though her hair is waaaaay different form mine. I'm still getting good ideas for hair styles and hair products to use. This is something i just did to my hair. Tomorrow I'll try to post the pictures of the results.(before and after)

She also talked about a young women that used a combination of honey and cinnamon to lighten her hair. She got really great results as well. i might try that next.


Anonymous said...

Her hair is the BOMB!!!! So did the girl that added honey have better effects?

PS-I'm a little nervous. I have eczema too and I dont wanna be itchy, but it looks worth the itch!

Lott Roxx said...

lolol. i agree with you her hair is soooo gorgeous. but ther girl with the honey and cinnamon got faste results. with just cinnamon you might have to do the treatment more then once to get the shade you want. but yeah when she said eczema i instantly thought of you. so i'd just pre game your neck and chin with whatever medicine you use for your eczema already and brace yourself for your scalp maybe breaking out.