Friday, January 15, 2010

all I'm saying is...

Life is to short..stop playing around..and be happy...with each other..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Music moves my spirit!!

So lately I've been hitting the Gospel music extra hard an reading my
Bible more often. (I'm changing my lifestyle and this is helping.) and
I've discovered that i LOVE when gospel artist quote scripture in
there songs. One of my favorites is Matthew 28 by Donald Lawrence. But
this blog is about a different song.

All my musicians, music lovers, music majors, wanna be musicians. And
all of those that love my God please read this verse. And listen to J
Moss's song Psalms 150...that song is powerful. And that book names
instrument families!! Which makes this completely relvant to real
life. I don't know about you guys but some times when I read the Bible
I look at it all as a story..a book that's just there to teach us
lessons and to make sure we do right by God and each other. But this
book right here has put the entire Bible in a completely different
light..and the song just makes me want to praise Him more. Look at

Psalms 150
I'll praise him.
Since I'm breathing!!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*usher voice* Traaaaadiiing Plllaaaaacccceeessss

It's funny how a simple gesture or a switching of rolls can change
your perspective of a person. Sometimes for the worse...but in this
case for the better. Avatar the second time was way better. The
circumstances. The electricity. The stuff that's been there since we
started.. It was nice to trade rolls. Nice to see a smile mixed with "best night ever" your welcome love. =)

Night blogger.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

look at GOD!!!

so i was driving the country. and i saw this.
so pulled out Lucy. risking both of our lives. (we're fine)
and i took a couple pictures. this is my favorite.
for some reason it reminds me of the Circle of Life from Lion King.
just life moving on...even if my day crumbles. its a refreshing thought.
life goes on.

when your bored

my significant other told me something he heard in church.
when your bored why not praise God?

seriously when you feel like you have nothing to do..use that time to get closer to Him.
glorify Him, pray to Him, listen to a gospel song, read the Bible. what ever it is you do.

just a thought.

i was thinking and..

its really hard to tell someone how you feel about them. i mean really. how do you tell someone you really like, that you like them. you've been liking them forever. and your heart longs for them to know and understand your feelings. maybe even share them. if that's not to much to ask.

its been my experience that relationships aren't supposed to be hard to get into. i mean. the right ones aren't hard to get into AND maintain. not with the person that GOD wants for you, to be more specific. falling in love should be as easy as inhaling and exhaling. should be the front of your significant others hand and he should be the back of yours with GOD being the veins and bones and blood and skin that connects the two sides. co-existing so easily in the same body/world as if you to are the only ones there.

now i'm not in love. and i don't claim to be. but i do claim to be in such a relationship. a GOD filled one. yes yes...flaws...everyone has them. my flesh is weak sometimes..and i try not to act all "Holier then thou" but i'm truly trying to improve my walk with GOD.

this not at all what i planned on writing about. i was reading some past blogs and reflecting on past relationships and how evident it was when i was having troubles in those relationships and how i tried with everything in me to hang on to the failing relationship that GOD obviously didn't want for me. the signs were there i just ignored them and kept walking half blind and half deaf into the wrong situation.

anyway. i think one of the points of all this is to not force things and to keep your eyes open. esp relationships. not just between men and women but friendships too.

you can draw your own conclusion.



i don't think i'm a complicated person. i don't think i'm rude. i don't think its unnatural to have disagreements with my siblings. that's really the point of this blog. i mean still love them. most of the time when we "argue" we're laughing. i've never wished i was an only child. i've never asked for a different brother or sister. but the way my parents yell and carry would think that i did those things every day. they make it seem as though we physically fight each other and they break up the fight narrowly avoiding the death of one of there kids. when in reality...its never that serious to us. NEVER.

now mind you. my parents have lost siblings in different ways. God has claimed the lives of a few. while other worldly things have claimed the lives of others. and i understand the reasoning to there wacked out logic. but i love my brother. and i love my sister. if they don't see that i don't know why. when we're not arguing we're laughing. we can co exist.

when i have kids i'm not sure how i'm going to handle this but i'm positive when my kids are 20+ i'm not gonna send them to their rooms..that drives them away in other ways..


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Okay. i believe I'm finished for the evening.

a day of nature

he's so cute...oh peter..its not raining...

yepp. its my eye.

ignore the hair.
see the snow??
scarf makes it nice.=)

my favorite. infamous face AND the snow..... -sigh-



okay i'm done being irritated. (that was quick right)
i decided to use a basic white template and to put one of my favorite pictures at the top.
yess..i am now excited about blogger. im gonna post some pics i took over this break.
if im not a photographer..idk what i am...maybe a musician. still. i'll post. you enjoy.



is it bad that I'm ready to get the hell out of wackville, al?? Really cuz I'm not feeling this anymore..i haven't been out the house since the snow..I'm about ready to scream..i was supposed to leave today..but that got moved till tomorrow...which got moved to Monday. and i STILL haven't registered Elaine and i will be there on Thursday to start classes...which i probably won't be attending anyway. What was TSU thinking when started the semester off on a Thursday. and then MLK coming up? i don't really know what they expected from the students..#fail.

Don't get me wrong..i love my family. Everything they do for me I'm grateful. BUT they're irking the hell out of me. Its time to go.

I'm just irritated...bye.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay so i tried at least 80 templates and i don't like this one but it'll due for now. I'm not at all a grumpy person..nor am i toast. But for now i shall be both.

that is all for now.

Monday, January 4, 2010


its probably time to change things. "Yo! Lott Roxx soxx. Word." While this statement is undoubtedly true, i do in fact rock socks, its a new year and its time for some knew things.

so new layout. blog name. maybe new url. and who knows..i might even WRITE in here..*gasp* i know! me actually taking time to inform you guys about my life and the goings on of my days at school. idk maybe i won't.

BUT while I'm here...
I'm thinking a new segment on this here blog could have something to do with photography. i might find a picture someone else took or that i took and post it..idk its just a thought.

maybe updates on my relationship..maybe not. Im not sure why i have a privacy issue when it comes to this thing. Like who reads this??
i'll get over it. and i'll include my readers on the simple bliss of my relationship.

actually i think that's all i'll share. "simple bliss"
i don't want this blog to become a weird romance internet and i don't like to share.

anyhow. i'm going to make some changes and..i might be back to talk.

later blogger.