Sunday, January 10, 2010

i was thinking and..

its really hard to tell someone how you feel about them. i mean really. how do you tell someone you really like, that you like them. you've been liking them forever. and your heart longs for them to know and understand your feelings. maybe even share them. if that's not to much to ask.

its been my experience that relationships aren't supposed to be hard to get into. i mean. the right ones aren't hard to get into AND maintain. not with the person that GOD wants for you, to be more specific. falling in love should be as easy as inhaling and exhaling. should be the front of your significant others hand and he should be the back of yours with GOD being the veins and bones and blood and skin that connects the two sides. co-existing so easily in the same body/world as if you to are the only ones there.

now i'm not in love. and i don't claim to be. but i do claim to be in such a relationship. a GOD filled one. yes yes...flaws...everyone has them. my flesh is weak sometimes..and i try not to act all "Holier then thou" but i'm truly trying to improve my walk with GOD.

this not at all what i planned on writing about. i was reading some past blogs and reflecting on past relationships and how evident it was when i was having troubles in those relationships and how i tried with everything in me to hang on to the failing relationship that GOD obviously didn't want for me. the signs were there i just ignored them and kept walking half blind and half deaf into the wrong situation.

anyway. i think one of the points of all this is to not force things and to keep your eyes open. esp relationships. not just between men and women but friendships too.

you can draw your own conclusion.



Miss.Vee said...

aweee Le Le is in love LMAO! ;)

Lott Roxx said...

Lmao! I clearly said I wasn't yet!