Monday, January 4, 2010


its probably time to change things. "Yo! Lott Roxx soxx. Word." While this statement is undoubtedly true, i do in fact rock socks, its a new year and its time for some knew things.

so new layout. blog name. maybe new url. and who knows..i might even WRITE in here..*gasp* i know! me actually taking time to inform you guys about my life and the goings on of my days at school. idk maybe i won't.

BUT while I'm here...
I'm thinking a new segment on this here blog could have something to do with photography. i might find a picture someone else took or that i took and post it..idk its just a thought.

maybe updates on my relationship..maybe not. Im not sure why i have a privacy issue when it comes to this thing. Like who reads this??
i'll get over it. and i'll include my readers on the simple bliss of my relationship.

actually i think that's all i'll share. "simple bliss"
i don't want this blog to become a weird romance internet and i don't like to share.

anyhow. i'm going to make some changes and..i might be back to talk.

later blogger.


Anonymous said...


Long live blogger!