Thursday, January 14, 2010

Music moves my spirit!!

So lately I've been hitting the Gospel music extra hard an reading my
Bible more often. (I'm changing my lifestyle and this is helping.) and
I've discovered that i LOVE when gospel artist quote scripture in
there songs. One of my favorites is Matthew 28 by Donald Lawrence. But
this blog is about a different song.

All my musicians, music lovers, music majors, wanna be musicians. And
all of those that love my God please read this verse. And listen to J
Moss's song Psalms 150...that song is powerful. And that book names
instrument families!! Which makes this completely relvant to real
life. I don't know about you guys but some times when I read the Bible
I look at it all as a story..a book that's just there to teach us
lessons and to make sure we do right by God and each other. But this
book right here has put the entire Bible in a completely different
light..and the song just makes me want to praise Him more. Look at

Psalms 150
I'll praise him.
Since I'm breathing!!

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