Friday, July 2, 2010


Ello folks (british accent)

I send greatings from the UK. I'm typing at a computer at Regents College in London, England. Its been a long day with many flights and long lay overs. I haven't really slept in like 24 hours and I'm not quite sure what day it is. BUT I'm alive and well in London so I have no further complaints. I'm not sure what else to say because I'm typing with my eyes half open and its 8:11 here.. what time is it where you are folks?

(end British accent)
I'm so tired people but we're about to walk to a convient store on Baker's street..I think that street is famous because of Sherlocke Holmes. But anywho this is my very first blog while not being in the country..soo..yeah. Go me.

I've also been keeping a journal. Just of my thoughts and what I see. The tube was interesting with interesting people. It seems like everyone is sick..and they all shared the news paper, in turn spreading more germs. lol I hope no English man is offended by that.

As soon as we start the 'course' I can start writing about somethings that are Beatles or British Invasion related. But until then..