Sunday, January 10, 2010


i don't think i'm a complicated person. i don't think i'm rude. i don't think its unnatural to have disagreements with my siblings. that's really the point of this blog. i mean still love them. most of the time when we "argue" we're laughing. i've never wished i was an only child. i've never asked for a different brother or sister. but the way my parents yell and carry would think that i did those things every day. they make it seem as though we physically fight each other and they break up the fight narrowly avoiding the death of one of there kids. when in reality...its never that serious to us. NEVER.

now mind you. my parents have lost siblings in different ways. God has claimed the lives of a few. while other worldly things have claimed the lives of others. and i understand the reasoning to there wacked out logic. but i love my brother. and i love my sister. if they don't see that i don't know why. when we're not arguing we're laughing. we can co exist.

when i have kids i'm not sure how i'm going to handle this but i'm positive when my kids are 20+ i'm not gonna send them to their rooms..that drives them away in other ways..