Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer List

Last summer i witnessed someone make a list. Not just any list. No folks this list, according to him, was what kept him from becoming a man. He stuck to it and checked off everything on the before mentioned list. AND now, as promised, he's a man!!

Now..wasn't that inspirational? I'm going to do the same! My list is just as important to me. I've already found myself. I just need to get the necessary tools to maintain what i have..SO here's my lists!!

1. Make money!!
2. F hoes!!!
3. Get laid!!
4. Buy a boat!!

lol..okay for real though.
1. Get my licence
2. Buy a guitar
3. Get a car.
4. Build up a tolerance for kids.
5. Start writing WORDS to my songs...haha

And hey...
Lets plan a trip! A place with water AND sand. And I'm serious.
NO more almost Panama City trips...the beach is calling!!!
And for once..its saying my name correctly...right inflections and everything..look at that..

Roxx is out!