Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just some stuff..

I'm still in VA!!! And I'm insanely bored...I'm missing some people that i left behind in Nashville!! And slick some people in Huntsville. Who would have thought...i have something on my mind right now but I'm not really sure how to say it..

This that and the other.

I'm really tired of being in the hotel room were my father falls asleep every time the tv is on or off...he snores and I'm begining to think maybe he's the cause of my headaches..

I miss my boyfriend..I'm tired of missing my boyfriend..

Oh lord it sounds like my dad stopped breathing for a second...i think I'll wake him up..

I need a car. And you can quote me Lott Roxx will have a car by the end of the summer..licence too..haha

I'm planning a trip. A trip to Nashville for my birthday and YOUR invited! But please RSVP.

VA is rudely cold at the moment..I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure its SPRING and i thought that season called for warm weather..

Congrats to all the graduates of the 2008-2009 school year!

Also lets give it up to the new relationships and the realization of what you were in. Good job to growing up and understanding what you are and how that person was holding you back. (not at all about me)!!

Wooooh i love my SAI!

I'm in love people!!! Wooooh!!!!

And hey! i love my sister Valynncia!! she has my back no matter what AND she loves me!!!!!
Little person loves you too!!!

I think I'm done....


Miss.Vee said...

Woooo!!! Heeeeey!!! I love u too!!!! But u already knew that!