Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tell Peter Lott IV

I find that when I'm at home..i have a lot of time on my hands. Which in turn puts me in front of my laptop. So I'm about to go off on a rant/tangent guessed it or Tell Peter Lott IV..Peter the Boy/Peter Man.

He's one of those kidds that you invite into your household but then later regret it because of the smart ass comments that comes out of his mouth. Humility is word he could probably learn and it would do him and everyone around him, a great deal of good. But him being the smart ass he is he probably already knows the word and just chooses not to use it. He's in a word, a jerk and the youngest lets not forget that.

But then there's Peter Man, the kidd that's smart as hell (still a jerk, a smart jerk??). Each conversation had with him is a hilarious and sarcastic filled learning experience, along with his constant tifts with the parentals that usually end with "your gonna get slapped in the face boy." or "who do you think your talking to?" Its not just because he has a smart mouth, but because of what he just said was so intelligent it took a minute longer for the degree holding parents to comprehend what was just said to them by a minor. Ha its all very funny. His dry humor, chess playing, book reading, sarcastic lookin ass.
Ha i love him .