Friday, December 26, 2008

I have a new nickname folks.

Mrs. Swagnificent.
Guess who gave it to me!
Ha i vote yes.

I have somethings i need to get off my chest. I think i have an issue. I went to the mall today with some people from high school and one of the gurls brought her baby. The baby is a damnit. A-freakin-dorable and i didn't mind playing with her but..i still can't see me having kidds. Idk what it is..maybe it'll change if i find someone i want to have kidds with..

I've also confirmed the fact that i don't really like people.haha

So last night i couldn't sleep. I layed down and let all the things that had been bothering me for the bast 5 months come back to my mind. Bullshit and Life all flooded into my mind...i wanted to blogg about it then but didn't find it worth it. Ha honestly guys I'm over all the mess that happened, all the time that was wasted, the downward escalator was enough to shake me out of what ever it was. But then it makes me look at the male species differently. Its like you guys are all male, all have penises(sp?), and shit and then the few that have some kind of heart are better of as friends, i mean whats the real point of getting to know somebody if won't amount to anything but wasted time and broken promises? I'm pretty sure that last year i wanted kidds. ha idk..whatever.

My Christmas ended better we went to the movies together. Not a very good movie but it was fun going together..

I'll put up pictures!