Saturday, December 20, 2008

I think i had something to say..

Ever get on here and just feel like writing but really there was nothing to say? Its slick how I'm feeling...
This that and the other?

I'm at home trying to decide what movie to watch with my family. Its always an annoying thing to do. Only because my little brother is a smart ass. And he bothers my life sometimes. Maybe because he's the youngest..{sorry Walty} but either way it goes he's an annoying, big head, little brother.

BUT WAIT my sister is coming back tomorrow AND we're having a kinky twist party. So when we're done she'll have nuthin but dreads in her hair. =0
And I'm gonna have purple hair finally!!

I think I'm going to start spelling nuthin correctly. NOTHING..there.

Today i had a moment. One of those moments that makes me want to throw my instrument away and start looking for a new talent that might've gotten neglected because of my focus on the violin. Something like guitar..or photography..I'm starting to wonder the REAL reason why I picked those things up. Not the bull shit reasons i said to make myself feel better. Anyway..I had to record my self today. And it sounded bad. Not even me just being extra hard on myself...I'm just being honest. Sometimes i want to give up. But then I'm reminded of the fact that I'm not good at anything else to change my plans now. Ha its a shame.

So we decided on Polar Express. When i was in high school i played this with my youth orchestra. Its one of the reasons why I'm so in love with the idea of playing for movie scores. But why the hell am i falling out of love? I feel myself toying with the idea of breaking up wit my love. Crazy huh?

I'm having issues with the Coach thing. Honestly i know what i want and what i don't want. And i def hung up my whistle for the season, took off my warm ups and gave my hat back with Coach Roxx* stitched on the side. But i swear..nigga's won't leave me alone. No bull shit. I'll be minding my own business probably texting or talking to Lalter. And an old flame will call seeing whats up. Or saying that i played them and blah blah blah. I'm rude so i don't really care...but it gets annoying.

Mr Afternoon Delight! Bwoooooooooooh!
Ha i miss him and i want my effing scarf back!!!!
(def NOT who you may think it is.)

Speaking of scarfs. BUY ONE LALTER!

Ha so I've decided that my other friends are the best. Its funny how when you hang with one group for a while. Then you hang with another. Then you go back to the first group and you notice what you missed about them all. Ha but these nigga's don't like cartoons told me i was grown and to grow up!! Well i say FUCK THAT! hahah

Wait!!! You know that song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"!!?? We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas..blah blah blah bull shit.And then in the song people start ranting on about figgy pudding??! Well folks I, Leandria Lott Roxx, is gonnna MAKE figgy pudding!!! Ha I'll save all my bros and sis of Best Friend Alpha Phi some.=) AND my lovely sisters of CHOIR PHI BETA!!

Choir Phi Beta!!
#3 Fall 08
Wait...what's my line name?

And Reggie? Why is the tagg Cookies and Milk?? Are you gonna stick your cookies in her milk???

The crayons blog is rather stagnant...
I'm gonna post pictures of crayons to inspire some activity.

Im think im done!


Walt P. said...

lol i accept the apology. and I will get a scarf soon... don't know when but soon...