Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hey blogg world!!! its been a minute. *knocks on laptop screen* did you miss me???
First let me start off by saying I AM FINALLY 21!! And i had a great birthday. friends and family and my love made it a great one. BUT i HAVE to give the Glory to God for giving me another year and chance to do His Will. AMEN.

And i hope you'll be proud because i didn't have a single drop of alcohol on my day.

Second thing is I have a picture that i want to share!! Its more of a little comic book square...I got it from one of my friends facebook's and i think it says a lot. Plus it has a scripture. SO enjoy readers...whoever you are. **WAVES**

One more thing i want to share with you guys. I've been hanging out with my co workers a lot lately and they are all extremely God fearing people. One of the young ladies that I've gotten closest to told me about something she does that I'm going to try and I encourage you all to try it as well.
She has a prayer journal, but not just any prayer journal folks, no sir! This journal is specifically for when she gets mad. She prays and finds a Bible verse and then writes down what the Bible verse means and how it could help her anger. That's so powerful to me. It says in the Bible that God works through his people. God is clearly working through her, in how she's working for Him herself. Did that make sense??

Anyway. I think I'm finished. Its slick my Birth Week. I'll be celebrating again tonight and tomorrow at a revival at church and Saturday out to eat with friends. AND THE ICING ON THE ICE CREAM CAKE IS NASHVILLE SHORES ON FRIDAY WITH CO WORKERS AND MY LOVE!!!

lol I'm excited.
see ya bloggers, I'll be posting pictures from London and my birth week soon. =)