Saturday, August 29, 2009


TSU dropped my classes again!!!!!

I'm so tired of HBCU's..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"Don't ever accept any form of love except the kind that is only given by God. The love you've been wanting is everlasting and that love is only given thru God."

Another good point sir.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Does anyone remember me talking about my friend who sings, who asked me to be on a couple of his tracks on violin and guitar? Well I met his producer the other day who just happens to produce for the same person. And he wants to record me to AND he's willing to pay me for each instrument and eachr track. Aah. =))

One more thing ,the guy who wants me to record on his track, is open for a some major Artist in Atl in Oct and hosting a talent search in huntsville.(guess who has talent!) He also said when he wanted me to play live shows with him. God delivers. Ahh. =))

Good Day Bloggers.=))

hair cut.

what do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

just a thought..

You hold on to that hurt fa real. You'll mess around and mess yo blessing. You'll never kno when the real Him may come around
Very insightful sir.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've done it again..

I've fallen in love with Betsy its not one of those i-can't-live-without-you-please-don't-leave-me type loves..I'm not that dramatic..but I love her effing earings...studs that look like ladybugs!!! and I love ladybugs..

Speaking of love. Does anyone remember Shihan..he was extra deep from...what was it...poetry jam..def poetry..something like that. Anyway every poem he wrote was amazing esp Love Type Love. Go youtube him and while your at it..just look up all the poets that were on that show. One of my favorites is Penny for Your Thoughts. Its by a white man I can't remeber his name..but very nice stuff.

I think I'm done typing now.
Night Bloggers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random but...

I'm proud of myself. I managed salvaged some burned bridges! I guess they weren't burned all the way in the first place. Being nice and social pays off folks. I knew that.  But I don't always apply it. Lately I've been discovering the Christian in me. Reading the Bible more and relating my life to it. I like this feeling I'm getting. Soo I leave you with this thought bloggers.
Hugs not drugs.  And live people.
Lol not so profound but what ever.
But love God..He always loves you silently. And out loud. Just return the favor.

Speaking of love! Have you ever loved out loud. I mean not just your significant other but your friends, and family. Even thing your most passionate about? ( I clearly have. This might be different..but try it.

Shouts out to Lois you rock kidd. I'm really done.


Funny Stuff.

The funny thing is..this shit isn't noble.I'm not being strong and I'm nothing to look up to..idk why you said that..people fall in love and get hurt everyday. It was just my turn to bleed. I'm putting a bandage on it and I'm trying to move on...but this kinda stings..and its probably gonna leave a scar..ugh. I guess its really not that funny.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I haven't written one of theses in awhile..

So I've been doing better lately. Its a new month..I have a new boo or entertainment..what ever you wanna call it. A new stalker. You know stuff that keeps my confidence up. BUT I have to ask myself. Am I really happy. Sure I'm slightly content. I smile more often then I used to..but am I sincerely happy?? No is the answer. I used to have all theses expectations for people around me..the ones that claim their love for me..the ones who befriended me but let me down in the end. My daddy told me you can't trust anyone but I don't believe that completely but I guess I should lay my trust down more mom said not to fall to hard because you'll get hurt more often then not. Now that shits true. I've only fallen once but..the impact when I hit the ground..hell.. broke everything. My shoes are everywhere..slick my clothes are too. I just need to get my mind back in place..put my shoes away. And rememeber who I was..and who I am right now. Damnit. Relapse.
Night blogger.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Welcome to the blog world Wuwy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I love my family. We have our ups and one of those wooden roller coasters at six flags. When we're bad. Its horrible. But when we're good its great...hell even when we're good its bad. But I love em. I love that we have all these family things we can do together. Like going to the movies together and sneaking snacks in or sneaking into another show after our movie is done with lol. Or star gazing,.watching shooting stars while listening to The Planets by Holtz. I love it. I love them=)

Goodnight loves. Sleep well