Sunday, August 16, 2009

I haven't written one of theses in awhile..

So I've been doing better lately. Its a new month..I have a new boo or entertainment..what ever you wanna call it. A new stalker. You know stuff that keeps my confidence up. BUT I have to ask myself. Am I really happy. Sure I'm slightly content. I smile more often then I used to..but am I sincerely happy?? No is the answer. I used to have all theses expectations for people around me..the ones that claim their love for me..the ones who befriended me but let me down in the end. My daddy told me you can't trust anyone but I don't believe that completely but I guess I should lay my trust down more mom said not to fall to hard because you'll get hurt more often then not. Now that shits true. I've only fallen once but..the impact when I hit the ground..hell.. broke everything. My shoes are everywhere..slick my clothes are too. I just need to get my mind back in place..put my shoes away. And rememeber who I was..and who I am right now. Damnit. Relapse.
Night blogger.