Saturday, June 27, 2009

mind set..

its my favorite poem that i've written. so since i have a problem coming up with words for my guitar progressions i thought i'd just turn that poem into a song...=)

more later...

Friday, June 26, 2009


soooo...its okay now to write a song that has no real lyrics?? wtf??
you can only understand like 3 lines out of the entire song!!!

its kinda nice though...except for the synthesized trumpets..
key board is cool. and i hear bass guitar.

okay i hung out with one of my lifeguard/music major/oakwood friends.
he's hella cool and down to earth. and we played this game while we were watching the mirrors...(not a scary movie don't watch it if you want to be scared) but we'd listen to the scores and tried and figure out the orchestration...lame maybe but it helps sharpen your hearing and noticing the timbre of each individual instrument. and now this game has got me analyzing everything i hear...and just so you'll know the Mirrors has a small ensemble. a couple of violins, violas, cellos, and up right bass, a lot of timpani and bass drum, gorgeous piano lines, a french horn english horn here and there..not much wood wind and brass at all actually..and some guitar. oooh and some !it might have been synthesized though....

hmmm being a music major...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Problem With The Sceduled Entertainment...

Meaning he's turned into an effing stocker! Wtf??? We literally met for the first time on Monday! How many days is that folks?? Yepp. FOUR! He's already telling my friends about how our kidds will look and he's thinking about marriage..hmm. This man is crazy. Also he plans to buy a car when I go back to school to come and visit me every other weekend..and he plans to stay guessed it folks. ME.

Its very much so time for me to nip this in the bud before he slips the date rape drug in one of my drinks and has his way..(he bought me a pretty sketchy looking tea I wouldn't put it past him)

Did I mention that he's already picked out my birthday I hear its gonna big.

Crazy...I don't need this in my life right now...

I'm am not at all a racist....

But I saw some white people do the dumbest thing ever yesterday...(I think I'm going to attempt to stop cursing)..okay ready?

So I was at work( a pool) and I received news that the pools pump was not working, which means the kidds can't swim and neither could we. That also means day off! Wooooh! So I gather some of my co workers and one of my enternaiments..and we venture off to the rock quary.

NOW the rocky quary is a place on Oakwood U. land guessed! ROCKS..but when you get past all that there's this very pretty lake with the clearest water...surrounded by big rocks in the form of cliffs. (this is where the white people come in folks) my friends and I are just enjoying the water looking at the fish, taking pictures..and along come at 6 white people with beers in hand all gung ho about jumping off the cliff into the me being a water SAFETY instructor and a lifeguard..a good rule I would apply to this situation is LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. And did these white people look??? The answer to that people is hell nah.  One (female) proceeded to chug a beer before jumping at least 40 feet into the water (and I'll add there was no exaggeration there folks) while another (male) did a front flip...OFF THE EFFIN CLIFF. Stereotypes man...I never truely believed them until I witnessed it myself. AND they were talking about going skydiving...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Entertainment...

I'm not happy yet..but I love the effort he's making. It seems new to me. I think he's moving faster then I am feeling wise...clearly its only been 2 days since we started kicking it. But intentions were stated clearly by both parties. Soooo we'll see what does and doesn't happen..

Apparently everyone is ready for a relationship when its the right person...maybe I wasn't it. Maybe I will be for him..but who really NEEDS relationships?? Not I said the cat...

But heyyy! Wooooh name stars is fun. Say hello to Gregory next time you look up. =))

Roxx out**

Sunday, June 21, 2009

lucy =))

i found the camera i'm going to buy!! =))

its a nikon L100 and im going to name her lucy.
isn't she gorgeous?? yayy for the pictures that are soon to come.♥
ps. i've decided that the camera will be purchased before the ipod.
Roxx out**

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A word..

I'm in love with an idiot..its a shame that men dont come with reset buttons so you can start them over when ever they mess up. Or maybe the women should have one so trust wouldn't be an issue..idk I'm tired. What a trip..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm entertaining and i must not into it..its so much work..and my mind is somewhere else..these small gestures that should mean something, don't...i need to clear my head...