Friday, June 26, 2009


soooo...its okay now to write a song that has no real lyrics?? wtf??
you can only understand like 3 lines out of the entire song!!!

its kinda nice though...except for the synthesized trumpets..
key board is cool. and i hear bass guitar.

okay i hung out with one of my lifeguard/music major/oakwood friends.
he's hella cool and down to earth. and we played this game while we were watching the mirrors...(not a scary movie don't watch it if you want to be scared) but we'd listen to the scores and tried and figure out the orchestration...lame maybe but it helps sharpen your hearing and noticing the timbre of each individual instrument. and now this game has got me analyzing everything i hear...and just so you'll know the Mirrors has a small ensemble. a couple of violins, violas, cellos, and up right bass, a lot of timpani and bass drum, gorgeous piano lines, a french horn english horn here and there..not much wood wind and brass at all actually..and some guitar. oooh and some !it might have been synthesized though....

hmmm being a music major...