Saturday, April 11, 2009


As people we are surrounded by 'typical' men and women. Men that do what there expected to do. And women that follow suite in being the submissive creatures we were raised to me. This word has shaped the ideals of humanity. And depending on what culture you grew up in, it shows what kind of person you might just be.

Now don't get me wrong. Everyone is different and has different ways. But lady's how many men have you talked to that could've been kin to the previous just because of how they treated you and how they hurt you. After awhile all the heartache starts to run together.

Or what about that two faced friend that claim to be one way, but are just like everyone else. I mean honestly! how hard is it to keep it real folks? Its really easy to lie and talk about people behind their back. But it takes a real person to tell the truth when it counts. Let's not be typical.

Now let's take a break to define the word typical shall we? :Normal, average, stock, usual.

I am now experiencing someone who's different from the rest. And besides my sisters its a shock to have someone in my life that's genuinely different from anyone else. He's not typical.