Friday, February 27, 2009

I just realized...

SO i was reminded of why i don't want to be a teacher today. Small slaw kidds on instruments, holding them incorrectly, not counting, or playing real notes...(I've never heard an H flat come out of a flute before today...), not listening to the director and treating they're instruments and cases like battering rams. Honestly..when you get to me I want that shit to already be drilled in your brain as wrong. A "hell no" if you will. These little kidds think their grown. Bad weave. Unnecessary back talk. Too tight clothes. And slaw on they're instruments! WTF! And then the high school kidds they have helping...i really hope they don't' want to have a career in music and this is just a hobby. PAUSE this women keeps walking around with her BO, neck tattoo and camera phone taking pics of little Andrew playing the clarinet..I'm slightly irritated because her odder is invading my bubble. Anyway I'm not gonna be a teacher in any type of public school system...its not for me. I'll end up hurting one of these kidds..

One more thing!...there's this uppity broad here...and she's irritating my life and i think she thinks its cool to be a color guard for a high school while your in college. Woooooooh! lets leave things like that behind when you graduate...

I was just thinking....

That its amazing how easily my world can be turned upside down by a single word. And put right back into place with a smile or a small kind gesture...ha its weird actually. I haven't at all thought of LIFE because my minds been so occupied with my current. Even my most recent past relationship couldn't fill the ummmmmmmm....void...for lack of a better word. Up to this current date most all the tests have been passed, extra credit has been earned, even a couple gold stars have been issued. And frankly...I'm impressed. Now there are still some things that need to get taken care of....loose ends that need to be tied together.or burned off completely rather,....but things are looking good...i can say truthfully...I'm happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Woooh Quote of the Evening.

I've been meaning to blogg this for awhile...

"That boy retarded with a capitol 'W'!!"
-Dori LMAO!

love you dori

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Whats the point of blogging if the message to the person isn't said in real life. Ha i dont know either folks. And i've grown slightly weary of this whole bogus blogg world thing..they say dont knock it till you've tried it but I'm def tired of reading bloggs, trying to guess if its about me but not caring enough to ask. Its a waste of life i tell you! And another thing! Why would you be ashamed to effin stroll with your organization? Honestly..are you ashamed of your colors just because they resemble ANOTHER, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, organization? If thats the case why did you go through the process of becoming a member of THIS organization?? Gone on! We don't like your kind!!! haha I think thats my rant for the night.