Sunday, January 18, 2009

Once again...

So I've decided ruins relationships. Okay let me just say MY relationships, from MY point of view. And coincidentally it brings out the "nigga" in me. For instance. Mr M. as he will be called. Is a male that i had intercourse with..and he's...well just that. Rude? Maybe but that just seems to be my mentality. And in his case i lost total interest in him. And his attempts to rekindle what ever we "had" brings out more of the "nigga". Its like when Reggie turns into Reginald..

With my most recent relationship there was/is more there then just sex but still....I'm convinced that if the intercourse hadn't taken place the relationship might have turned out way better and lasted longer OR maybe amounted to something..other than a slightly awkward friendship.

The point?

Well I've claimed celibacy once again. Maybe i can have a relationship without physical intimacy. I mean not even kissing. Just a hug here and there. A really slow moving relationship. Ha give me another year.