Sunday, November 16, 2008

Band kidd for a day...

So band kidds i love em...i spent the day as one and with them and i've decided that i love them dearly. When i say i spent the whole day with them i mean from 6:30 in the morning to 12:00 this moring my day was literally spent with the bks. I got hazed on the 3rd bus and now im an ace/taildog. CHEA. But im not sure what line im on...bus phi bus? Ha maybe. I saw some freshmen whisper this dick into an upperclassmens ear, a gubby CUB fight after ryans, i laughed my ass off on the 2nd bus because of the continuouse checkin that was going on. And even though i'm still confused about the day, i didn't really get to kick it with best friend, i slick have frostbite on my toes, and i missed my loves, i would def be a band aid again. Just beacuase when recapped my wholeday to Maya a few minutes ago i realized how much fun i really had. Hell yea.

Im getting a T shirt made.

Band Aid on the back
number 1
Roxx on the front somewhere.

We need to get those FUFGOSA Spring 08 on deck.


Walt P. said...

lol now you know how much and how close ppl in a band can be! don't you love it! thats how me reg and e kelly got so close