Saturday, November 22, 2008


Leandria is irritated. Please understand that in the drunken stage i will give you as much leeway as i can. But I'm not the one to be cursin at. In reality Huntsville Al is not just bullshit Huntsvegas. And just cuz I'm small doesn't mean i can't get crunk. Leandria Lott Roxx. Remember my name. I'm learning to hold my tongue when the situation calls for it. And even though i love you dearly. And your one of my closest friends. Don't think you can cross me. I'm mad. That's it. If it was some silly random ho. I wouldn't be mad. But its your ass. I'm not drinking wit your ass again. So just remember what i am to you.


Reggie.BRO said...


Lott Roxx said...

no it wasnt. i need to vent.
this is MY blog. MY outlet.
i said how i felt now im cool.