Monday, August 9, 2010

LOVE is...

Okay peeps. So lately I've been on the one Take 6 CD that I have EXTRA tough. The Harmonies are awesome but the most powerful thing about these men are the words that they choose to put with those harmonies. My dad described their voices to me as "heavenly" and honestly..those words and voices/harmonies couldn't have come from anyone BUT God.

But what i REALLY wanted to talk about in this blog was the words to the song "Gold Mine." When i was coming back from Nashville the other day, something told me to write about it.

Anyhow, this song is talking about God's Love. The most unconditional Love there is. It brings the best out of people that except It. You could compare the feeling of you being in love with a being of this Earth. And then amplify that love times a hundred infinities, and then some. Its just that powerful. Listen to the words folks. People now a days are so desperate for love they forget about the One that can Love them unconditionally even when we ignore Him. Think about it folks.

Ps. sorry for the bad