Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am

Disappointed in myself. I have all these expectations with my music. And I'm finding myself unable to full fill them..its so frustrating to see people around me who's majors have absolutely nothing to do with music...doing bigger things then me in MY field!!! Omg..I'm not where i wanna be!! This guy I just met wants to do something with libraries..i can't remember his exact major. But he can sing so he's cutting a CD on the side..AND he can play like 5 instruments. mind you he asked me to play on his album..but its guitar. NOT violin. I don't know how well that's gonna turn out..And this other guy I've been slightly dating is about as talented as anyone one guy I've ever met..this man is working with upcoming artist. WTF!! I neeeeed to start networking hard. I need to get a new laptop so i can record myself and send it to this guy that wants to hear it..he has pull people!! I need to get my life together, stop dwelling on the past, and realize who i am, and will always be.
I'm a musician. I love my violin and i love my guitar. For now that's all i need to be.

Ooooh yeah. And I'm going to be famous..


Rachel B. said...

Yea.. I know exactly what you mean!! I feel like I don't know who I need to know to get to where I want to be.. You know!! Ugh!! we'll get there!