Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mind Set

My mind is set.

There are so many possibilities

But so many things holding me back.

Your past, my past.

The difference between I like you and you suck.

My mind is set

That you’re in my present mind set.
You’re the one that makes me smile in the
Day time…

Afternoon time...

Night time…
But you make me frown too.

You sometimes infuriate me with your words.

They can hurt But I’m helpless to your words.
I know you mean what you say.

My mind stays set.

But a change in mind set?

That maybe you’re not ready.

Maybe I’m not either.

Surely we would know as long as its been.

Maybe my mind shouldn’t be set in such a way…

That all I can think about is you holding me.

Or the sounds of the piano as you stroke the keys.

Musically sounds are perfect.

Emotionally sounds are not.

But my mind is set…

But maybe my mind set

Isn’t the right mind set for you.
Isn’t the right mind set for me.

But what is?

Should my mind control my heart.

Should I listen to what it's saying?

The internal battle that’s driving me insane.

Give up!

It’s a slow process!

Have patience!

He’ll come around!

He might not!

Blah blah blah!

All i can think of is Kick Rocks!

But then again….My mind is set.It’s set on you.