Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tattoos and skin.

While perusing the Internet looking for a suitable tattoo for my foot, i came across this article.

to say the least the content is interesting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

okay..i meant to do this yesterday but..

We'll pretend that today is September 5th. K bloggers?

SO lets go back to September 5th 2009. YES 2009. lol this might sound kinda lame but it was a day that has changed my life. REALLY. MY LIFE WAS CHANGED!!! lol for the better though. i don't want to get into to much detail but realize this ladies, there are a couple of great men still out there.

its a funny thing finding someone that might be made for you. A kindred spirit that knows what your thinking before you say it. Or can make you laugh even when your angry with them. It makes you wonder what you were thinking when you were messing with those other people. It makes the other relationships seem like child's play.

And then there's that L word. We all know what word I'm talking about! The one that you both are scared to say to each other, but in a moment of passion it just..slips out. The word that changes your perspective on life and the people in it. And when your truly understanding what the L word means, and relating it to God's Love for his children, that's when you can honestly say to yourself.."Yeah...this is it."

Anyway I'm done being all I'll leave you with something Lupe said that kinda stuck with me.
Love, love. (Simple right??)

I love you hun. Happy 1 year Anniversary.